The limbo days

swirls of red and yellow food colouring merging together in a clear plastic tray

are long and fraught with the various possibilities which exist. The privilege sits uncomfortably with me. In the dark times we are living in compassion feels like it has a price attached.

While staying the same everything has changed. The state of limbo is allowing time for discussion about what might leave and what may come next. Staying or going happily co exist sitting at the same table in uncomfortable silence.

In Edinburgh the streets tell stories. Our own stories and stories of others are woven into every street and part of town. Memories are on every street corner like invisible grafitti, only to be seen in the eyes of the beholder. The past 2 decades have passed by with a rocket like speed. We have loved being here and living in this city but it is time for us to move on. Leaving is about us not about you. Leaving happens in stages. This might be stage 1, weighing up the possibilities. One day soon we will know where we are going to be and certanty will return. Until then I happily occupy this inbetween state where al is possible but nothing is certain. The wind feels as if it is blowing us along somewhere new.