The vocational days

A sticker stuck to a lampost with kill capitalism before it kills you written on it. Sticker produced bt the green anti-capitalist front Glasgow

are yet another way to exploit workers in the UK. The shift towards a service based industry is at an advanced stage. The lucky few are abe to command a high salary but the less fortunate majority have to scrabble for scraps. Having heard my profession described as vocational. Therefore not worthy or skilled enough to command a higher salary. The question is why does some work have a higher value than others? I accepted it the first time I heard it but it grates on me now. It is not just Early years, university staff, nurses and teaching are all sectors with high expectations but are not well renumerated. Expectations need to change, jobs should pay people properly. Caring work needs to be valued and stop using the vocation aspect of work to justify a less than adequate salary. The good will and compassion of the workforce is damaged by the vocationalisation of work. I want all workers in all sectors to be valued and paid an adequate salary.