The drudge days

a shopping tolly parked in a car parking space with a shadow cast on the ground

are a whirlpool of emotions...

  • we feel angry
  • we feel frustrated
  • we feel dissapointed
  • we feel exhausted
  • we feel a sense of betrayal
  • we feel a huge sense of loss of familiarity of place
  • The feeling of excitement is in homeopathic quantity

I fully relaise the privileged positon that we occupy. Britain is changing rapidly into something I do not recognise. The feeling of deep sadness that after Brexit it has come to this is difficult to accept. I feel that as well as feeling betrayed by the British government I am also betraying my Scottish friends and family by leaving. I am sure this will change in the coming days and there may be some more excitement but this stage of leaving is hard work. Each new see you soon, keep in touch feels jagged and painful.