The polite days

a black and white image of the main station in Berlin looking down towards the deepest level where the long distance trains depart from.

are somewhat difficult to navigate. In Scotland being polite shows that you are being considerate to others and this drives social behaviour. Not to do so is considered rude and it is considered shameful to be impolite. In Germany being efficient overrules any consideration on politeness. It is seeen as shameful not be busy and using your time wisely. Considering these behaviours from the perspective of shame is interesting because a fear of being somewhat socially incapable can be found in all cultures. In many cases with harsh consequences.

Taking the train is a classic example, in Scotland we queue to get on and off the train. Bus drivers are thanked for getting their passenegers saely to their destination. In Germany it is a shove and expectation that you will get safely to your destination. We are finding new ways to be foreign with our Scottish ways and strange politeness.