The funny days

an image with plants which have googly eyes and two sticky up ears

Humour and storytelling can be found in most cultures. being funny in german is both difficult and easy. Humour and what makes people laugh is different here. Scotland is very aware of and mostly accepting of difference. Certain kind of jokes have become tabu in Scotland for example mysogenisitc or religious jokes. I was asked what Scottish people would laugh about and I answered "German babies get tax numbers assigned at birth". This is normal if you are German and not funny. In Scotland we laugh about situations, accents, the speed people talk at and what the government of the day is up to. Telling jokes has become less common in part I think bacause there is often someone who is being made fun of. This poking fun at groups of people is not funny. I would rather see the Janey Godleyvoiceovers that had many people n stitches during the lockdowns and beyond. Her videos often feature British politicians and while dated now were topical at the time of making. Making fun at those who use their power and influence to push others down isn't humour.