The travel days

a black and white image of a light four seater passenger aircaft wth a side on view

are somewhat anxious ones. Is the suitcase too heavy, do we have enough jumpers and how can you really fit all of your life into a suitcase? Just a few of the questions that have been buzzing in my brain like angry wasps. The short version is we made it, the flights were fine, and we are here. I am blamiing Brexit for the unpleasant grilling en route, asked what my intentions were like an anxious parents whose child is going on a first date. Luckily my papers were satisfatory and we got through but the fear that I could be taken away and questioned was chilling. I will never take for granted the freedom to travel legitimatly when it is denied to so many.

Berlin is hot, the suitcases have various malfunctions but we have arrived. We took a taxi to the airport for the first time ever. Driving through the city that has been my home for decades was a slow goodbye to familar places, spaces and faces. We arrived to sunshine and warmth and the somewhat chaotic new airport. It has been decades in the making but it feels as if it was thrown up in a hurry. Lifts that never stop on the right floor, toilet cubicles that are too small for people with luggage and an architectural style that is Bland for Berlin. Unpacking is done and we are relaxing before the next stage.