The hard middle days

colourful stationery which is vertically stored and arranged by colour

are filled with forms, paperwork and Termine. We are slowly starting to find out way around out local area. Each day we venture further and futher both to attend to every day tasks but also to get a better sense of where we are and how the places join toegether. The situation with school is very frustrating because mini M has to wait to have his qualifications recognised which means that in the inbetween time we have to find something for him to do. We are getting support with this but everything takes it time. The school process here runs to a different time than in Scotland. The various official people we have spoken to are not sure how to place us. We are neither refugees, nor claiming benefits and we can speak enough German to be able to eplain what we are hoping to be able to do. We appear to be uncategorisable which is proving to be a tricky state to be in. It is emotionally tough and I feel a huge sense of guilt that we uprooted ourselves and teenager from what was cetain and fixed to this new and somewhat challenging reality. The teenager is predictably unfussed by all of the chaos and meets the challenge with a determination that I hadn't expected. It will become easier one day but today isn't it.