Four months in...

a painted mural on the side of a building. The images are in black, white, red and pink. from the top left: on a white background two half circles stacked, on a red background two white hands, on a blackbackground two letter m's and two letter x's, on a white background pink and orange stairs facing inwards towards each other, on a black background a pink arrow pointing right, on a pink background a black curved bridge, on a red background a white eye with black pupil, on a pink background white squiggly lines, on a white background thick red ramp lines, on a red background a outlines of sun rays in pink, on a white background black train tracks with red sleepers crossing them, on a black background a pink star, on a pink background two red love hearts, on a black background a white jagged outline like a mountain range, then a red backgroud with lines and dots.
  • Beurocracy is everything
  • ohne stempel gehts nicht/nothing works without being stamped
  • Healthcare is excellent even though you have to wait
  • efficiency is a myth to sell flashy cars
  • Berlin is a series of small towns which are joined together by the S and U bahn
  • Scotland and Ireland are magical holiday destinations for Geman people
  • Food is excellent. It's not cheap but it shouldn't be. Markets are great.