The tartan smartie

a black and white image of a hairdressing salon. There are two sinks in the back right hand corner and a poster on the wall which shows a headshot of a long haired woman. There is a doorway with some aprons hanging up.

A newish experience here is is getting a haircut. I have shoulder length hair and a fringe. Fancy hairstyles are totally beyond me, I have two left hands for anything like that. The last haircut started off totally normally, chat about how I wanted it cut, just trim and fringe, nothing fancy. Hair was washed and cut. Then I was asked if I wanted a brush. The confusion set in and deepened when I was shown the hot and cold buttons on the hairdryer. After getting the brush stuck in my hair and getting the fear that someone would take a video of my ineptitude for tiktok/youtube I gave up and headed home. Drying your own hair in the hairdresser is a thing here. I had this feeling which I can only describe as the tartan smartie sense of not quite knowing how to do things. It is like having to learn how to adult all over again. Caused much hillarity for my German pal who sent a minimum of 6 laughing emojis.